Company Overview

Safety Experience is a Must

We are Aces Enterprises – We are the safety consulting service to contact when looking for experienced safety consultants to assist your company in meeting  the regulatory requirements for safety compliance.  

If you are looking to establishing a Safety program for OSHA compliance, or in need of Workplace audits we are ready to assist.  Our consulting service team serves as a critical business resource for our clients, guiding them through the application of information and training assets, which are designed to solve a wide range of safety compliance and regulatory challenges. 

We are one of few Safety companies that offers a wide variety of safety experience.  At Aces Enterprises we are known for our subject matter expertise in Workplace Safety whether it is in the Construction Industry, General Industry, Department of Transportation, Aviation Safety, Explosive Safety, Watercraft Safety, Health Services, Human Resources, Process Safety Management, or System Safety. 

 Become a partner with our team for expert insights, onsite training, audits, assessments, curriculum design, program development and a variety of implementation and advisory services.

Authorized and Certified Trainers

Every workplace has an element of risk, and safety compliance is a must. Whether you work with heavy machinery or are manually handling liquids or packages, safety training is always required. Safety training programs are proven to increase productivity. 

Another great benefit is that you can easily avoid compensation claim or suit if the worker receives the appropriate training required. Every employee  who falls under the definition of “worker” should receive more specific training for their specified industry or job title. Many of these topics are defined by OSHA standards. 

In order to help workers who need  safety training, OSHA created the Outreach training program – a program especially developed to promote workplace safety and health training by OSHA-authorized trainers. The trainers at Aces Enterprises are authorized outreach trainers for OSHA required training in general industry and construction industry.  

The trainers at Aces Enterprises are also certified in Explosive Safety, Watercraft Safety, and Aviation Safety.


Certified Safety Professional 

Certified Explosive Safety Professional Certified Healthcare Safety Professional  Certified Hazard Control Manager (Senior Level)  

Accident Investigation Technician  

Advanced Safety Professional - (General Industry and Construction)  

Authorized OSHA 501 Outreach Trainer  

Authorized OSHA 500 Outreach Trainer

Certified Emergency Management Specialist  Certified First aid, CPR and AED Instructor  Certified Safety Auditor (General Industry and Construction)  

Certified Safety Consultant (General Industry and Construction)  

Certified Safety Manager (General Industry and Construction)

Environmental Health and Safety Management Specialist (General Industry and Construction)  

Hazard Analysis Technician (General Industry and Construction)  

Integrated Safety Management Specialist (General Industry and Construction)   

Master Safety Administrator (General Industry and Construction)